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Blockcerts Proposed Extensions to Open Badges V2

The Open Badges specification is maintained by IMS Global. While developing Blockcerts, we created 4 Open Badge v2-compliant extensions. 2 of these are specific to blockchain verification; the other 2 are extensions we found useful. All are being offered as official Open Badge extensions to IMS Global Learning Consortium

Summary of extensions

  • (Required for blockchain verification) blockchain verification type MerkleProofVerification2017, ideally as an enum added to the current verification options "hosted", "signed"
  • (Required for blockchain verification) signature proof as an Open Badge extension; defined by:
  • recipientProfile for identifying recipients
    • RecipientProfile extends the Profile type and adds publicKey for embedding a recipient's public key
  • signatureLines as a image/signer array, intended for display in the certificate


Following is an example of a Blockcerts certificate. Note that this is fully OBv2 compliant. It uses the Open Badge Extension type to identify Open Badge extensions. These are marked in the example with < markers.

  "@context": ["", ""],
  "type": "Assertion",
  "id": "urn:uuid:3bc1a96a-3501-46ed-8f75-49612bbac257",
  "issuedOn": "2017-07-20T09:33:47.490752+00:00",
  "recipient": {
    "hashed": false,
    "identity": "",
    "type": "email"
  "recipientProfile": {                           <<<<<<<<<<
    "type": ["RecipientProfile", "Extension"],
    "name": "Eularia Landroth",
    "publicKey": "ecdsa-koblitz-pubkey:mtr98kany9G1XYNU74pRnfBQmaCg2FZLmc"
  "badge": {
    "type": "BadgeClass",
    "id": "urn:uuid:82a4c9f2-3588-457b-80ea-da695571b8fc",
    "name": "Certificate of Accomplishment",
    "image": "data:image/png;base64",
    "criteria": {
      "narrative": "Nibh iriure ei nam, modo ridens neglegentur mel eu. At his cibo mucius."
    "issuer": {
      "type": "Profile",
      "id": "",
      "name": "University of Learning",
      "email": "",
      "image": "data:image/png;base64,...",
      "url": "",
      "revocationList": ""
    "signatureLines": [                          <<<<<<<<<<
        "type": ["SignatureLine", "Extension"],
        "name": "Your signature",
        "image": "data:image/png;base64,...",
        "jobTitle": "University Issuer"
    "description": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, mei docendi concludaturque ad, cu nec partem graece. Est aperiam consetetur cu, expetenda moderatius neglegentur ei nam, suas dolor laudem eam an."
  "verification": {                              <<<<<<<<<<
    "type": ["MerkleProofVerification2017", "Extension"],
    "publicKey": "ecdsa-koblitz-pubkey:msBCHdwaQ7N2ypBYupkp6uNxtr9Pg76imj"
  "signature": {
    "type": ["MerkleProof2017", "Extension"],    <<<<<<<<<<
    "proof": [
        "right": "51b4e22ed024ec7f38dc68b0bf78c87eda525ab0896b75d2064bdb9fc60b2698"
        "right": "61c56cca660b2e616d0bd62775e728f50275ae44adf12d1bfb9b9c507a14766b"
    "merkleRoot": "3c9ee831b8705f2fbe09f8b3a92247eed88cdc90418c024924be668fdc92e781",
    "targetHash": "c65c6184e3d5a945ddb5437e93ea312411fd33aa1def22b0746d6ecd4aa30f20",
    "anchors": [
        "sourceId": "582733d7cef8035d87cecc9ebbe13b3a2f6cc52583fbcd2b9709f20a6b8b56b3",
        "type": "BTCOpReturn"

Considerations for adopting as official Open Badge extensions

  • The current extension type/term names are not assumed to be final; it's expected that we will iterate on them during Open Badges review
  • Signature lines are currently defined in the badge type instead of the assertion type. I understand that this should likely move to assertion per OB extension best practices
  • The prefix ecdsa-koblitz-pubkey:
    • This is not final and is being Digital Verification subgroup of the W3C Credentials CG
    • The problem was that examples like this ecdsa-koblitz-pubkey:msBCHdwaQ7N2ypBYupkp6uNxtr9Pg76imj are not quite correct
      • The value right of the colon is a base58 encoded ecdsa koblitz public key hash
      • Currently the approach used by others in the community is to keep the ecdsa-koblitz-pubkey: and actually list the public key (not the hash)
      • The problem is readability (e.g. bitcoin addresses vs longer public keys)
      • Another option would be to invent a new prefix
    • Alternately, a more forward looking approach would be to use (or reserve) DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) for this purpose.
  • Are there any special considerations in using the 2017 Merkle Proof Signature Suite from the W3C?
  • How do we integrate Blockcerts verification into the OB verifier?
  • How do we add the blockchain/blockcerts verification "type" (i.e. signed/hosted/...)

Extension schemas and context

Json-ld context

The Json-ld context is listed in the context array of a blockcert. It defines these extension terms. See

Json schemas

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