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Name Breakdown


In Mexico it is usual to capture the first name (with middle name when applicable) and the surname (with the father’s surname and the mother’s surname) in a separate way. In the case of transparency obligations, it is mandatory to publish these data in separate fields. Likewise, we need to maintain the name of an organization in another separate field, in order to diference them with individuals.



  • juridicalPersonhood

    • naturalPerson
    • legalPerson
  • contactPointType

    • contactPoint
    • attorney


  • Identifier {object}
    • juridicalPersonhood (string, null) (codelist)
    • givenName (string, null)
    • patronymicName (string, null)
    • matronymicName (string, null)
  • contactPoint {object}
    • contactPointType (string, null) (codelist)
    • givenName (string, null)
    • patronymicName (string, null)
    • matronymicName (string, null)

Defining texts:

Code Title Description
juridicalPersonhood Juridical personhood Specify the juridical personhood of the entity that participates in this contracting process. Using the juridicalPersonhood codelist.
naturalPerson Natural person A natural person is a human entity, as opposed to a legal person, which may be a private or public organization.
legalPerson Legal person A legal person is a non-human entity, which is authorized by law with duties and rights and is recognized as a legal entity.
givenName Given name The given name of the natural person.
patronymicName Patronymic name The patronymic name of the natural person.
matronymicName Matronymic name The matronymic name of the natural person.
contactPointType Contact point type Specify the contact point type using the contactPointType codelist.
contactPoint Contact point Person who serves as the point of contact for this organization.
attorney Attorney The attorney-in-fact is the individual who has an authorization to represent or act on another's behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter.


Report issues for this extension in the standard repository of the Open Contracting Partnership.

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