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Surveillance Mechanisms


In Mexico there are different surveillance mechanisms that testify the transparency and legality through all the contracting process.


Add a new array field


  • Social witness
  • Citizen comptroller
  • Internal control unit
  • External auditor


  • Contract {object}
    • surveillanceMechanisms (string, null) [array]

Defining texts:

Code Title Description
surveillanceMechanisms Surveillance mechanisms The surveillance mechanisms used in this contracting process. The mechanisms should be taken from the surveillanceMechanisms codelist.
socialWitness Social witness Specialized citizens who participate in the surveillance of this contracting process.
citizenComptroller Citizen comptroller Surveillance mechanism by beneficiaries to verify the works progress and the correct expending of public resources.
internalControlUnit Internal control unit Body in charge of preventing, detecting, sanctioning and eradicating corrupt practices that may arise in this contracting process.
externalAuditor External auditor Institution outside the public administration that performs an audit of this contracting process.


Report issues for this extension in the standard repository of the Open Contracting Partnership.

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