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  1. ontology-development-kit ontology-development-kit Public

    Bootstrap an OBO Library ontology

    Jinja 207 53

  2. dosdp-tools dosdp-tools Public

    Utility for working with DOSDP design patterns and OWL ontologies

    Scala 23 5

  3. boomer boomer Public

    Bayesian OWL ontology merging

    Scala 26 2

  4. ubergraph ubergraph Public

    Integrated OBO ontology store

    Makefile 41 3

  5. semantic-sql semantic-sql Public

    SQL and SQLite builds of OWL ontologies

    Python 33 3

  6. ontology-access-kit ontology-access-kit Public

    Ontology Access Kit: A python library and command line application for working with ontologies

    Jupyter Notebook 106 23


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