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* Flip y-axis in show. Flip axes.
* Go through how RNG:s are seeded, especially when one CS is used
repeatedly as component of other CSs
* Go through use of and rename classes Finite and FiniteMask.
* Avoid intersection at top of MaskPartition
* Implement CSetPartition
* Implement lazy evaluation in BinaryCSet.makeValueSetMap
* Implement SubMaskContainer (startIteration etc) to avoid code duplication
* eliminate code duplication in _elementary.FanInRandomMask
* loosen up criteria on Finite connection sets to BoundedConnectivity
(Masks with upper bounds on the number of connections per source or
* generalize FanInRandomMask to work on BoundedInConnectivityMask:s, for
example block masks of BoundedInConnectivityMask:s
* generalize SampleNRandomMask to work on Finite masks
* make value sets returned by value(c,k) iterable