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Collection of open source Pigeon Plugins
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Pigeon Plugins


Collection of open source Pigeon Plugins

This repository contains open source Pigeon Plugins, such as Self Test Plugin and SMSGlobal Plugin.

For more details refer to:

❗ This repository is fully Heroku ready! Just fork it, change/add plugins and configuration - and deploy as your own Heroku app!

Try me now!

This repository is deployed as a demo Heroku app (pigeon-public).

Just open the below URL in your browser:

This demo Heroku pigeon-public app asynchronously enqueues and sends a email.

  • Replace with your email (we will not save/share/store/disclose it, it is fully private)
  • Only Gmail addresses are supported in this demo
  • You can change also subject, text and from
  • Check spam folder in your Gmail account
  • Navigate through returned URLs to see message status and HTTP logs
  • First time request may take up to 50 seconds, due to free Heroku dyno unidlying startup.
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