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Make life more productive


As young adults begin to share living spaces away from their parents, household chores and tasks can begin to pile up. Responsibility starts to wean and finger pointing can start to occur. The current methods of house chore and task management within roommates is tedious and performed through inconvenient mediums.

Anton Zheng: Engineer / Support (AntonZheng)

John Lim: Marketing (johnwjlim)

Harry Barng: Design / Engineer (harrybarng)

Harshitha Akkaraju: Engineer / Design (akkarh)

Robin Yang: Project Management / Engineer (ryang97-1374021)

TEAM MEETINGS: TUESDAYS 10:30 am - 12 pm


  1. Reply within hour or notify the person if you want to postpone
  2. When asking a question, be sure to use @****. This will remove confusions; you may answer the question even if it is not directed to you if you are 99% sure about the answer
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