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go-ipfs plugin to support Datadog APM tracing
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Datadog tracing plugin for go-ipfs.


  • This plugin doesn't implement any tracing, it simply configures the Datadog tracer to collect the traces and relay them to the agent. go-ipfs tracing instrumentation is partial at the moment but should improve over time.

  • Plugins only work on Linux and MacOS at the moment. You can track the progress of this issue here:

  • If you are using go-ipfs 0.4.22 or older, some traces will be lost. See:

Building and Installing

You must build the plugin with the exact version of go used to build the go-ipfs binary you will use it with. You can find the go version for go-ipfs builds from in the build-info file, e.g. or by running ipfs version --all

You can build this plugin by running make build. You can then install it into your local IPFS repo by running make install.

Plugins need to be built against the correct version of go-ipfs. This package generally tracks the latest go-ipfs release but if you need to build against a different version, please set the IPFS_VERSION environment variable.

You can set IPFS_VERSION to:

  • vX.Y.Z to build against that version of IPFS.
  • $commit or $branch to build against a specific go-ipfs commit or branch.
  • /absolute/path/to/source to build against a specific go-ipfs checkout.

To update the go-ipfs, run:

> make go.mod IPFS_VERSION=version

Manual Installation

Copy to $IPFS_DIR/plugins/ (or run make install if you are installing locally)




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