0406 Compilation Zoltan Linux

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Compiling INMOST with Zoltan on Linux

INMOST may be configured with optional Zoltan support. In this case INMOST will support calling graph partitioners from Zoltan package, i.e. you will be able to use Partitioner::Zoltan_RCB, Partitioner::Zoltan_RIB, Partitioner::Zoltan_HSFC, Partitioner::Zoltan_PHG in Partitioner::SetMethod. If you also provide Parmetis or Scotch libraries to Zoltan then you will be able to use Partitioner::Zoltan_Parmetis or Partitioner::Zoltan_Scotch.

Zoltan is distributed with Trilinos package. INMOST is known to work with Zoltan from Trilinos version 11.12.1. You are advised to refer to Trilinos installation guide.

Assuming you already unpacked Trilinos source and prepared configure scripts, just add Trilinos_ENABLE_Zoltan option to do-configure script:

cd build
./do-configure -DTrilinos_ENABLE_Zoltan=ON
make all
make install

Note, if you do not want to use Trilinos solvers, remove all Trilinos_ENABLE_* lines from MyConfigureOptions.cmake.

mkdir -p INMOST-build
cd INMOST-build
make all
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