1590 MatSolve Example

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Solve the Matrix stored in mtx format

The code for this example is located in Examples/MatSolve


This example solves the linear system using different solvers.


This example may run in both serial and parallel modes with NP processes.

The code loads the matrix and right-hand side from files. If right-hand side is omitted, the artificial rhs=(1,1,...,1) is used. The specific solver is defined by user. User may also provide options file to alter default solver options.


Usage: ./MatSolve -m "matrix.mtx" [arguments]
  • Available arguments
    • Required
      • -m, --matrix, specifies path to the matrix file, e.g. "/tmp/A.mtx"
    • Optional
      • -b, --bvector, specifies path to the rhs file, e.g. "/tmp/b.rhs"
      • -x, --xvector, specifies path to the solution
      • -p, --parameters, specifies path to the database file, see Examples/MatSolve/database.xml as example;
      • -t, --type, specifies solver type, "inner_ilu2" by default
      • -h, --help, prints help message

Running example

You can generate matrices using FVDiscr example. The following line uses matrix /tmp/A.mtx and right-hand side /tmp/b.rhs from FVDiscr example.

$ cd Examples/MatSolve
$ mpirun -np 4 ./MatSolve -m /tmp/A.mtx -b /tmp/b.rhs 
load matrix: 0.346156
load vector: 0.0542159
preconditioner: 0.516358
solver: 0.0345631.37095e-06 | 0
||Ax-b|| 1.37095e-06 ||b|| 2.14884 ||Ax-b||/||b|| 6.37997e-07
norms: 0.00276518
4 processors solved in 0.95183 secs with 4 iterations to 1.37095e-06 norm matrix "/tmp/A.mtx" vector "/tmp/b.rhs" true residual ||Ax-b||/||b|| 6.37997e-07
reason: converged due to relative tolerance
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