5002 Prepearing test

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Prepearing test for INMOST

This page will guide you through how you can prepear test for INMOST.

##Naming test.

Following naming convention should be used for tests:

  • tests for Domain - domain_test000-domain_test999
  • test for Mesh - mesh_test000-mesh_test999
  • test for Mesh in parallel - pmesh_test000-pmesh_test999
  • test for Solver - solver_test000-solver_test999
  • test for Autodiff - autodiff_test000-autodiff_test999
  • tests for Nonlinear Solver - nonlinear_test000-nonlinear_test999

You should create folder with your name in Tests folder. Use this folder for your tests source and data.

##Prepearing for CMake.

First open Tests/CMakeLists.txt file and add a line "add_subdirectory(your_test_name)"

In folder of your test create CMakeLists file as well.

To be continued...

###Using additional resource files in tests

To be continued...

##Describing test in WIKI

When you have finished tuning and setting your tests, it is recommended that you create an article describing test in Wiki.

Use following name for a new article on Wiki.

First you should get unique 4-digit number in accordance with:

  • for Domain tests 5100-5199
  • for Mesh tests 5200-5299
  • for parallel Mesh tests 5300-5399
  • for Solver tests 5400-5499
  • for Autodiff tests 5500-5599
  • for Nonlinear Solver tests 5600-5699

Then append to this number several short keywords that describe the test. Separate 4-digit number and keywords with spaces. Look into other articles for contents.

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