5301 Partitioner Components

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Testing Partitioner class and computing number of connected components

This test is located in tests/pmesh_test001


Initial mesh is partitioned using one of available partitioner. Then the number of cell elements and connected components is computed.


Test loads one of provided serial or distributed meshes. Different partitioner may be used to (re)partition the mesh. Simple statistics is computed: number of cells, number of connected components.


The test have two required parameters and one optional.

First parameter is the input mesh file.

The second parameter is the desired partitioner:

0 - Inner_RCM
1 - Parmetis
2 - Zoltan_HSFC
3 - Zoltan_RIB
4 - Zoltan_RCB
5 - Zoltan_PHG
6 - Zoltan_Scotch
7 - Zoltan_Parmetis
-1 - No partitioner

Optional third parameter is used to define ParMETIS or Zoltan action (default: 0):

0 - Partition
1 - Repartition
2 - Refine

##CMake tests

If USE_MPI is activated and CMake have variable ${MPIEXEC} set up correctly then the test will seed pmesh_test001_*_np_* tests for available partitioners and np=2,4 with included Menger Sponge 9x9x9 mesh.

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