A WordPress framework for news websites. Finely crafted and expertly honed by the Institute for Nonprofit News.
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A responsive WordPress framework designed for news publishers and developed by the Institute for Nonprofit News.


We are making regular updates that may or may not always play nice with previous versions.

For released versions of Largo, please see the list of tagged releases.

The 0.5 branch is what INN is using for our sites in production. Please do not submit pull requests to this branch unless they are minor hotfixes that can be directly merged.

The 0.5-dev branch is contains work in progress slated for our next point release. Feel free to try it out, report issues, etc. but we DO NOT recommend using it in production. This is also typically the branch to submit pull requests to if you want to contribute to the project.

The master, develop, and 1.0 branches contain work in progress slated for an eventual rewrite of Largo.

Feedback, comments and questions to: largo@inn.org

About Largo

Largo is a responsive WordPress starter/parent theme designed with the needs of news publisers in mind.

The project extends work done by NPR's Project Argo.

Documentation and more information at: largo.inn.org

Support is available via our helpdesk system or by emailing support@largoproject.org.

Current version: v0.5.5.4

Minimum PHP version: We only support the currently-maintained versions of PHP.

Minimum supported WordPress version: We recommend using the current version of WordPress. To see what versions of WordPress automated tests are run against, check out the Travis CI configuration file.


Follow the setup instructions in the documentation.


We welcome contributions to any of our open source projects.

If you're not sure where to start, review the open issues on github (you might be particularly interested in the issues labelled help wanted or good for beginners) and then see our contributing guidelines to get started.

If you're still not sure where to start, that's totally fine! Just shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.


Built and maintained by the Institute for Nonprofit News product and technology team (@INNNerds):

Special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the project, including: rnagle, kaeti, jackbrighton, danielbachhuber, willhaynes, drywall, nacin, meredithinn, tothebeat, lindamood, mospaw, DrewAPicture, nipoez, palewire, GaryJones, seamusleahy, joshuarrrr, yayannabelle, jmusal, ntwb, MsPseudolus, @gabehong, @julia67, @rclations, @aschweigert Schweigert and the whole news nerd and WordPress communities.

This project builds on a number of great open source projects, including: