@benlk benlk released this Dec 1, 2015 · 1094 commits to master since this release

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New Features

  • Added backwards lookup to Largo_Related class (allows Largo Related widget to look at both newer and older posts when querying for related items) (#842)
  • Enhancements to the Largo Taxonomy List Widget, including the option to display thumbnails and headlines from the most-recent post in the taxonomy (#932)
  • Converted all links in Largo Follow widget to simple anchor tags, instead of using third-party widgets (#769)
  • Removed “Show read more link?” from Largo Recent Posts widget (#883)
  • Removed third-party social buttons from single-post template, for privacy and page speed (#943)
  • Make nav menus “display: inline” in one column footer (#850)
  • Improved styles for Largo Sidebar Featured widget (#800)
  • Improved styles for the optional social media buttons in the article header and in the Largo Follow widget in the Article Bottom widget area (#951 for #950)
  • Break out less/inc/widgets.less into per-widget less files (#882)
  • General improvements to widget styles (#942)
  • Thumbnails in many places gain a play icon overlay (#923 for #836)
  • Switches to INN logo with grey text (#879)
  • Adds new actions to the homepage: largo_before_sticky_posts, largo_after_sticky_posts, largo_after_homepage_bottom (#966 for #965)


  • Added inline documentation to several template partials (#892)
  • Fixed API documentation generation command in Gruntfile.js (#892)

Bug Fixes

  • Added missing “Save” button to Largo Author Bio widget options (#889)
  • Fix duplicate widget titles (#891)
  • Fix update notice displaying to users that do not have permission to run updates (#855)
  • Fix styling of Largo Tag List widget (#840)
  • Fix footer widget areas 2 and 3 showing in widget settings when using layout with only one available widget area (#853)
  • Properly set the default widgets for the “Article Bottom” widget area (#728)
  • Various fixes for bugs related to updating/migrating from pre-v0.4 Largo (#728)
  • Site logo in the sticky navigation no longer receives a background color when hovered upon (#979 for #767)
  • The Load More Posts button will use the correct partial for archive pages (#925 for #868)
  • Refactors the category page code to make it clearer when featured posts will be displayed (#875 for #869)
  • Fixes for Load More Posts and the ability to use more than one Load More Posts button on a page.
  • Fixes #878, a missing > introduced in Largo version 0.5.2.

Potentially-Breaking Changes

  • If your theme defines largo_load_more_posts_data, make sure that it properly defines is_home in the LMP AJAX request. (#925)
  • Largo now uses the .is-video tag for thumbnail images that are for featured videos. Check your theme for conflicting styles. (#923)