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@rclations rclations released this Nov 1, 2016 · 151 commits to master since this release

Largo 0.5.5

This is expected to be the last release in the 0.5.x codebase. The next version of Largo is anticipated to be a major change, and may not maintain compatibility or continuity with the INN/Largo repository.


The project website ( is now the home for user-facing and admin-facing docs. Developer-facing docs remain at


  • Set Featured Media Button has moved from above the post editor to a new metabox (#1323 and #1285 for #698)
  • Adds support for TinyMCE’s underlining and text color buttons, while removing Heading 1 (#1295 for #790, #1296 for #670)
  • A new design for the gallery slider (#1307)
  • Enable displaying the sticky nav on all pages (#1262, #1266, and #1269 for, #1286)
  • Improvements to search pages including cleaner styles, shorter excerpts, the publish date and the URL of the post, and new actions in Google Custom Search Engine and non-GCSE searches. (#1167 for, #1177, #1237 for #1235)
  • Improvements to 404 pages, now including the query string that resulted in the 404 to aid in searching. (#1168 for #692)
  • Adds “Job Title” to the list of fields that Co-Authors Plus allows guest authors to have (#1098 for #1097)
  • Adds job title to the output of largo_byline() with and without Co-Authors plus enabled, but does not link it to the author’s byline page (#1098 for #1097)
  • Adds the option to hide the email address of a Co-Authors Plus guest author in the author bio partial, which is used in the Largo Author Bio widget and the posts-by-author archive. (#1098 for #1097)
  • A number of changes to the Largo Related Posts widget, including removing the option for placing the image before or after the headline and making the “Show byline” checkbox work (#1243 for #1242)
  • A revised Largo Taxonomy List widget, including the ability to exclude terms, limiting output of related terms to 5 or fewer, making the “taxonomy” chooser into a <select> box, and adding the ability to sort alphabetically by term name or by newest term first (to fix a performance issue where it was outputting infinite terms) (#1187)
  • Supports a “None” option for top term, allowing posts to have no top term set (#1090 for #1082, #1094)
  • Posts that have been updated now display the updated date/time at the top of the post. This creates a new function largo_edited_date() which displays either the time since updated or the date of update. (#1343 for #1341)
  • Adds the Largo post-type taxonomy to the list of taxomomies that can be chosen for a post’s Top Term. (#1086 for #1084)
  • Ads are now horizontally centered within ad zones (#1093)
  • Improved Homepage Alert widget styles (#1095)
  • Adds Instagram and Pinterest as supported social networks (#1099)
  • Largo’s Floating Social Buttons are now enabled in the two-column post template and in custom templates for single posts (#1102)
  • Add a option to the Largo Recent Posts widget to toggle the presence of the publish date in the byline (#1364)
  • Add a new widget area “Header Widget” in the header, floated to the right and limited to 320px wide. This is controlled by a checkbox in Theme Options > Advanced, and is best used for a newsletter signup or a donation call-to-action. (#1114 for #1038)
  • Improved support for Link Roundups in archives of posts (#1122)
  • Adds support for Largo-style featured media to the two-column classical layout (#1140 for #934)
  • Removes the WordPress custom image sizes options page, because Largo forces these image sizes and the settings page has no meaning (#1218 for #404)
  • Removes the Largo Explore Related widget, which was already deprecated and was breaking slideshows in posts that had categories. (#1241 for #1240)
  • Removes the sidebar from the single-post single-column template, to match documentation. It shouldn’t have been showing up there. If you wish to display widgets in the single-column template, may we recommend the Super Cool Ad Inserter Plugin? (#1292 for #1104)
  • General style cleanup and improvements


  • Social media buttons are now translatable (#1153)
  • Uses esc_url instead of esc_attr to escape URLs passed to the Twitter and Facebook Share functions (#1077 for #1076)
  • Better fallbacks in largo_top_term for posts with no top term set but top term display not set to “None”: attempt to display the category, the tags, and finally the post-type. (#1094)
  • Better fallbacks for the via attribute of the Twitter share link in post social media buttons, including supporting the Twitter accounts of Co-Authors Plus guest authors. (#1107 for, #1118 for #1117)
  • Removes from mailto: links in share buttons, and removes the JavaScript requirement for the email functionality (#1192 for #799, #1281 for #799)
  • Properly escapes post titles in the Twitter and Facebook share links (#1121, #1147 for #1134)
  • Job titles are not output in bylines if the Largo custom byline text is set for a post (#1109 for #1108)
  • Remove date duplication in the Recent Posts Widget (#1111 for
  • If an author does not have a first name set in their profile, the “More by ___” text uses “More by this author” (#1112)
  • Actually respect the output of the largo_post_social_links filter (#1142)
  • Don’t display “Page Not Found” language on categories with a hierarchical header and fewer than 5 posts (#1270 for #898)
  • Post Prominence terms created by users are now available in post add/edit screens (#1255 for #956)
  • Switch Travis to using a Facebook user that doesn’t exist, after someone created an account using the name abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12 (#1234 for #1233)
  • Adds a title for /?post_type= archives using archive.php (#1232 for #1231)
  • Strip HTML tags from og: Open Graph tag contents (
  • A fix for the Don’t Miss menu’s label not displaying correctly (#1284 for #1083)
  • Un-hides posts that were being skipped in the Recent Stories list (#1287 for #1219)
  • Better detection of no related topics in partials/archive-category-related.php, which means that largo_get_related_topics_for_category() outputs an empty string if there are no related topics (#1289 for #1288)
  • The update nag is no longer shown on fresh installs of Largo (#1363 for #690)
  • In the Homepage Bottom Widget Area homepage bottom partial, $wp_query->posts is now temporarily an empty array for the duration of the partial (#1354)
  • Sticky navigation now supports menus named “More” (#1339 for #1336)
  • Largo_Related now uses a modern tax_query for some queries, and uses the correct slugs for the Tag and Category taxonomies (#1338)
  • Replacing showposts with posts_per_page throughout (#1313)
  • Replace get_currentuserinfo with wp_get_current_user (#1247 from Kirsten Lambertsen)
    largo_get_avatar_src() will no longer try to use author email addresses as user IDs when calling largo_get_user_avatar_id (#1251)
  • All terms in the prominence taxonomy will now be displayed in the Prominence meta box on the post editor (#1255 by RC Lations for #956)
  • Add a closing </ul> to the Largo Recent Posts widget (#1353 for #1330 via @jmusal)
  • Adds the user’s name and job title to the alt attribute of images in the Largo Staff Widget (#1148)
  • Adds theme support for <title> tags as reported by the Theme Check plugin (#1245 from Kirsten Lambertsen for #844)
  • Cleans up many undefined variables, including but not limited to:
    #1079 for #1078
    #1306 for #1302

Developer Notes / Potentially Breaking Changes

  • Adds WordPress master, 4.6, 4.5, 4.3, and 4.3 to our Travis config and removes support for WordPress 3.9 and 4.0, while simplifying the Travis config. Thanks to @ntwb for his help here! (#1116 and #1227 for #1020)
  • Fixes a bunch of tests that were broken by PHP 5.5 (#1293 for #1209)
  • The minimum supported PHP version is now officially 5.3. This was already the case, because Largo uses anonymous functions, a feature introduced in PHP 5.3, but it was not documented until this release. (#1345 for #1344)
  • Improved support for WordPress 4.5 and following (#1239 for #1238 and #1225 for #1224)
  • Formally deprecates the constant SHOW_STICKY_NAV, which had been kept around since 0.5.4. 0.5.4 had effectively deprecated it, but we didn’t make a note of that in the release notes and some sites were affected. #1136 contained a backwards compatability fix for the master branch of Largo between 0.5.4 and 0.5.5. See PR #1136 and Issue #1135
  • Adds a counter to archive.php and category.php to allow running a new action largo_loop_after_post_x after every post, passing the counter and the context. This is useful if you want to output a widget area after the nth post. (#1272)
    largo_byline() has been broken up into a number of classes and wrapper function, to make it easier to maintain. Child-theme replacements of largo_byline() as a pluggable function are not affected. Filtering functions hooked on the filter largo_byline are not affected. (#1251 and #1265 for #1126, #1312, #1367, #1343, #1333)
    largo_top_term() now outputs ’’ empty strings if a post does not have a top term, which is saved as ‘none’ in the ’top_term’ post meta. (#1090 for #1082, #1094)
  • Cleans up the Largo Follow Widget to no longer require Twitter javascript (#1115)
  • Updates the markup used for the Facebook page widget (#1115)
  • Uses rect_thumb image size instead of full in partials/content.php (#1125)
  • Adds the top term to the post classes if it is set, in the form top-term-{$taxonomy_slug}-{$term_slug} (#1132 for #1119)
    largo_remove_hero() is now run on the two-column ’classic’ post template. This can be disabled with the filter largo_remove_hero to allow this to be disabled categorically or on a per-post basis. (#1140 for #934)
    .hero styles are no longer grouped under the body.normal selector (#1140 for #934)
  • Updates TGMPA to the latest version and updates the list of recommended plugins (#1151)
  • Site-wide footers on Series Landing Page now use the correct $post (#1176)
  • Removes final references to Argo Links, replacing all references and recommendations with Link Roundups (#1203 for #926)
  • Breaks up inc/post-tags.php, making that file smaller and putting some other functions in places that make more sense for them. This creates the new files inc/pagination.php and inc/post-social.php (#1250)
    partials/content-series.php has been merged into partials/content.php, introducing new filter largo_content_partial_arguments to change the display of that and adding the new function largo_content_partial_arguments_filter() to affect how partials/content.php displays in certain contexts. This also removes rendering of YouTube videos in partials/content.php (#1280 for #1271 and #1326)
  • Removes the files for the deprecated Largo Sidebar Featured Posts, Largo Footer Featured Posts, and * Largo Featured Posts widgets (#1294 for #897)
  • Adds new function largo_maybe_top_term() which outputs largo_top_term() wrapped in an if and only if largo_top_term() would return a link. (#1319, #1318 for #1316 and #1317)

    New Actions and Filters

  • Adds new filter largo_additional_networks to allow child themes to add additional social networks. (#1115)
  • Applies largo_get_partial_by_post_type to support per-type custom partials in category and archive pages (#1122, #1258)
  • Adds action hooks in the main navigation: (#1101)
  • Adds actions in partials/largo-header.php before and after largo_header(): (#1114)
  • Adds new filter largo_archive_rounduplink_title to allow Link Roundups to change the archive title (#1127 for #1123)
  • The social links that are output in largo_post_social_links can now be edited using array functions using the largo_post_social_more_social_links filter (#1128)
  • Adds new action at the bottom of the one- and two-column single post templates called largo_post_bottom_widget_area The Article Bottom widget area is now hooked on this action as the function largo_post_bottom_widget_area(). (#1131)
  • Adds filter largo_top_term_metabox_taxonomies to allow changing which taxonomies terms may be drawn from for use as top terms (#1200)
  • Adds new action largo_after_category_river to match largo_before_category_river, adds largo_category_acter_description_in_header which runs in the header before get_template_part('partials/archive', 'category-related'); (#1217)

Outside contributor shout-outs for documenting all of Largo’s todos: #963 and #1327 for #1353

@ntwb for #1227

Thanks to Kirsten Lambertsen for #1247 and #1245

Thanks to RC Lations for #1255 before we hired him.

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