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INN Nerds Open Office Hours

We're a small team juggling a lot of projects. There's not always much time to answer questions (particularly those not directly related to the products we build and support) or to give thoughtful feedback on projects that people bring to us.

But we want to be accessible, approachable and create an opportunity for INN members (and members of the journalism and tech community at large) to ask us about any tech-related issues they may have or to get feedback on their projects.

We also frequently hear from designers and developers at member organizations that it's hard to get feedback on the work they do because they're often the only person at their organization who does the sort of work they do.

So we want to set aside some dedicated time every week to answer questions, talk through ideas and have an open design/code review.

We hold our open office hours every friday from 2-3 p.m. ET.

Anyone can sign up for a 20-minute block to meet with our entire team and get feedback on tech-related issues you might be facing (new project ideas, critique of works in progress, general tech/strategy/design questions, etc.). We know that sometimes 20 minutes will not be enough, so you can sign up for a longer block of time if you clear it with us in advance.

Here's the signup sheet.

INN members will get priority but, if space is available, we'll open the signups to outside organizations/individuals. If we're already booked, you can put yourself on the waitlist and we'll let you know if a spot becomes available. If there are open slots in the schedule we'll plan to do a design or code review for one of our projects so you can see how we handle this sort of feedback and hopefully take some ideas back to your organization.

Since we're a remote team, these will be video calls. The persistent link for this call is right here. We used Google Hangouts until July 2016.

Video calls are sometimes a pain, particularly if you're on a slow internet connection. When you join the call, try to be on time for your scheduled slot and be on a fast enough connection so we don't have to spend too much time troubleshooting technical issues.

If you know you might have connectivity issues, it is also possible to join a video call by phone: call the number here, then enter the meeting ID.

The default for these video calls will be public because we think sharing ideas in the open helps everyone learn and improve but if you want to keep the conversation just between us, indicate that on the signup sheet and we'll boot people out and make the call invite-only when your time slot comes around.

The format for these is really determined by the type of questions or issues you have. To make the most of our time together you might want to prepare a list of questions or email us some background information, links to your website/project, git repos, etc. ahead of time so we can take a look and be better prepared to help you out.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us on how to make these office hours work best for you and your organization, email us anytime:

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