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INN Nerds Book Club

Every other month, we'll pick a book, read it and host a public Zoom call to discuss it. Unless we're at a conference or otherwise need to change the date, the meetings will be at 1pm ET on the second Wednesday of each month.

Here's our original announcement of the program describing why we're doing this and what we hope to accomplish.

To pick which book gets read each month, we'll take suggestions via @newsnerdbooks or in-person at the end of each book club meeting. We maintain a running list of book suggestions on Google Drive. At the end of each meeting we'll discuss some options and the book club facilitator will choose a book for the next book club meeting.

Once a book is selected, we'll let everyone know which book made the cut on our Twitter account, @newsnerdbooks a post on the team's blog in the "book club" category and by creating a Google+ event from the primary INN Google+ page (more on that in a minute).

You can find all of our past book club books and blog posts here.

For remote meetings (most months) we need to create a persistent link to a public Zoom call.

For in-person meetings (likely a couple times a year at conferences) we'll create an Eventbrite listing with details so people can RSVP because we'll need a rough count to make sure we choose an appropriate venue.

For all book club meetings/hangouts we will create a Hackpad in advance of the hangout to collect notes and discussion questions. The link for this Hackpad should be posted on the blog, Twitter, etc.

For the meeting itself we will designate someone to facilitate the conversation and someone else to take notes and update the Hackpad. Finally, after the meeting we will take the notes from the Hackpad and turn them into a blog post which will also include the link to the survey to choose the book for next month and an announcement of the date of the next meeting.

Wherever possible, there should be pie.

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