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Example form:

Importable JSON:

  • donor-configurable donation amount
  • option to have one-time donation or monthly recurring or annual recurring
  • collects personal information:
    • first and last names
    • email
    • street address
    • city
    • city, province or region
    • ZIP code or other postal code
  • option to cover Stripe credit-card processing fees
  • Stripe credit-card form
  • option to add user's email to a Mailchimp list


  1. Replace all copies of 'tktk' in the form with appropriate messages. This can be done by editing form-inn-clone.json on your computer before importing it to Gravity Forms, or after.
  2. Open your site's Gravity Forms Import/Export page. This may be found in either of the following placces:
    • Dashboard > Forms > Import/Export > Import Forms.
  3. Upload the form.
  4. If you did not edit the form when it was a .json file, edit it now in the Gravity Forms admin. Make sure to update your email addresses.
  5. Place the shortcode for the form on a page and check the appearance. If you are using Largo, install the LESS and PHP files from this repository to the child theme.


[gravityform id="1" title="false" description="false" field_values="donation_amt=$10.00"]