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@benlk benlk released this Jul 17, 2019

Largo 0.6.4

This release brings improved compatibility with the WordPress Block Editor. The Pull Quote block gains full styling, so that block quotes and pull quotes no longer appear the same. Media credits are now output on Image blocks.

The Largo Series Posts Widget gains more options for the display of images.

Largo gains support for the wp_body_open hook, introduced in WordPress 5.2.

This release also contains a number of bug fixes and minor updates.

For information on how to upgrade your own Largo-using website, see our newly-updated documentation for upgrading Largo. If you're a Largo user, we encourage you to say hi, either by email to or via our handy-dandy contact form.

Particular thanks go to outside contributor @megabulk.

Developer-facing improvements

Fixes and minor improvements

  • Updates largo_home_single_top function to get homepage_feature_term and top_story_term values from slug instead of by name. If these prominence names were updated to anything else, homepage_feature_term and top_story_term would be false and fallback to __('Homepage Featured', 'largo'). Pull request #1709 for issue #1445.
  • Removes separator <span> on search results page; puts the search result url on a new line instead of next to the date. Also adds a overflow-wrap: breakword; style to the search-result URL to make sure it doesn't overflow the result container. Pull request #1710 for issue #1509.
  • Fixes a ReferenceError in navigation menu JavaScript. Pull request #1715 for issue #1714.
  • Fixes an undefined variable error in certain edge cases of the site og:description and description meta tags. Pull request #1724 for issue #1721.
  • Co-Authors Plus profile field descriptions no longer contain escaped HTML. Pull request #1726 for issue #1720.
  • Added box-sizing: border-box; style attribute to figcaption and .wp-caption-text elements to prevent caption text from overflowing from the parent container. Also modified Gutenberg block image caption styling to be consistent with the classic image caption styling when the image is expanded into a lightbox. Pull request #1711 for issue #1702.
  • Fixes multiple Undefined variable: post errors in homepage/templates/top-stories.php. Pull request #1728 for issue #1723.
  • Fixes an issue where the widget title wasn't displaying in the Largo Image Widget, due to trying to use the $title variable which was removed when we stopped using extract in pull request #1565. Pull request #1736 for issue #1717.
  • Added support for wp_body_open hook below opening body tag. Pull request #1735 for issue #1698.
  • Added font-display: block to fontello font family. Pull request #1742 for issue #1686.
  • Replaced image settings in the Largo Series Posts widget to mirror the image settings in the Largo Recent Posts widget. Pull request #1734 for issue #1727.
  • Adds a temporary shim to fix left/right aligned images not being correctly aligned with paragraphs. Pull request #1747 for issue #1731.
  • Fixed an issue where the Largo specific media credit caption and url was not being output in Gutenberg image blocks. Pull request #1733 for issue #1683.
  • Updated pull quote block styles so they can be easily differentiated from regular block quote blocks. Pull request #1746 for issue #1699.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on an image in an open slideshow modal resulted in the image having a different width once the modal was closed. Pull request #1743 for issue #1700.
  • Fixed an issue where setting the sticky navigation to show at the top of the page didn't output the expected result. Pull request #1662 for issue #1660.

Upgrade notices

Since 0.6.3:

  • If your site has replaced or modified Largo's navigation.js, you may want to reassess that in light of the changes made in #1622 and #1715.

If you are upgrading from a version of Largo before 0.6.3, you should check prior versions' release notes.

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