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A WordPress plugin wrapper for Mother Jones' News Quiz library.
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News Quiz

A wordpress plugin wrapper for [Mother Jones' News Quiz] ( library.


Basic Usage: Use the following shortcode where you'd like a quiz to be placed:

[quiz key="0AvfAWkLLRik_dGtjRVNUamJwbE1wRWxtVVRURG1UU0E" align="alignright"]

Replace the key and alignment attributes with your own.

See Mother Jones' documentation for instructions on how to set up the quiz.


  • key: (required) A link to a publicly published google doc from which to pull the quiz content from.
  • title: (optional. default: blank) Give your quiz a title.
  • lede: (optional. default: blank) A subhead for the quiz.
  • align: (optional. default: alignnone) Align the quiz with alignleft,alignright or alignnone.
  • layout: (optional. default: sidebar) The values either fullwidth or sidebar.
  • answerstyle: (optional. default: bullet) Choose between alpha,bullets,roman, or numbers.
  • byline: (optional. default: blank) Give an author byline at the bottom.
  • source: (optional. default: blank) Attribute a datasource.


The base plugin comes with a very limited stylesheet, to make it easier to apply custom styles.

The DOM inherits a framework for future interactables, with a header, headline, lede and footer:
		<!-- Mother Jones DOM -->

Where possible, use these classes to apply styles, ensuring future Largo interactive embeds have a similar look and feel.

Built by and credits

Built by Will Haynes on top of Mother Jones' news quiz library.

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