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Responsive tables

Generate responsive tables using the webapp

🚨 This project is not maintained or supported, as of February 16, 2018. 🚨

What is it?

This repo contains two utilities that do the same thing:

  • A simple webapp that takes your Google Drive spreadsheet key, lets you format the columns, then generates a .zip with a ready-for-deployment responsive table and all required assets.
  • A simple script that reads from config.json to find your Google Drive spreadsheet key and column formatting information then generates a build directory with a ready-for-deployment responsive table and all required assets.

It works best with tables that have 5-7 columns.

Webapp Usage

Use the webapp. We've published it on GitHub pages for ease of use.

  1. Paste in your URL
  2. Configure your column headers and the table title
  3. Optionally, add your Google Analytics ID
  4. Optionally, preview the table
  5. Download the .zip and unzip it to your server
  6. Embed the table in your site

Script usage

If you want to use the script instead of the webapp, go ahead and install this repository on your computer.


You'll need Jinja2 and Python for this project.

sudo easy_install pip
pip install -r requirements.txt

Install this repository:

git clone

Publish your Google Spreadsheet.


Copy config-example.json to config.json. Open config.json and add your spreadsheet's key. The key is a long sequence of apparently-random characters, such as 10yccwbMYeIHdcRQazaNOaHSkpoSa1SUJEtWBfWPsgx0, found in the URL of the page you use to edit the spreadsheet. An example URL is, which was used to generate this embedded example. The key may include dashes. The key is also included in the URL found in the "Document link" field of the Publish to web dialog.

Fill in title to set the table's title tag.

Fill in ua_code to enable Google Analytics.

    "ua_code": "googleanalyticsuacodegoeshere",
    "title": "Title tag",
    "key": "yourspreadsheetkeygoeshere",

Next, define the columns to display in your table. For example:

    "columns": [
      ["tool", "Tool"],
      ["category", "Category"],
      ["typeofresource", "Type of resource"],
      ["developingmember", "Developing member"],
      ["description", "Description"],
      ["url", "link"],
      ["notes", "notes"]

Each item in the columns array follows the format ["simplifiedlabel", "Label for display"]. Simplified labels are the column headings in your document with spaces and underscores removed, and uppercase letters made lowercase. Allowed characters are lowercase a-z, numbers, and the - character.


Once you've filled in config.json, run:


This will create a build directory and place a copy of your rendered table and all assets inside it. You can deploy the contents of this directory to your host as-is.

If the project renders successfully but you have a blank page, make sure your document is published and that permissions allow anyone with the link to view the document.

Multiple configurations

As a convenience, you can create config files and store them in the configs directory to ease re-rendering of tables.

For example, if you create a config file named myspecialtable.json, then you can tell to render that specific configuration like so:

./ -c myspecialtable

Deploying to server

Copy the contents of the build directory to a directory on your website.

Embedding the table

We're using pym.js to make our tables responsive when embedded via iframe.

To embed a table, you can use this snippet to get started:

<div id="table-iframe-container"></div>
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
(function() {
  var pymParent = new pym.Parent(
    '', {});

Be sure to replace with the actual URL of your table.


Data in wrong column:

Are the simplified labels in your config.json composed only of lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes?

No data shows:

Is your spreadsheet published?

Libraries used

This little project uses:

Check them out!


Responsive Table embed generator; 🚨no longer supported 🚨




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