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Welcome to the DnnJobBoard wiki! (The module INNO is entering into the DNN8 MVC Module Contest.)

INNO Software proudly presents the DnnJobBoard. Since 2006 we've built many DotNetNuke websites needing a job listing (a.k.a. career, position, volunteer) module. Finding modules with visual flexibility that could adapt to data requirements was difficult. How they supported a job application form was often too rigid. (Where a built-in form had to be used in order to accept applications online.)

With the advent of DotNetNuke's ever expanding support for SPA and MVC based development, the time to address this has arrived. We submit this code to the DNN community under an MIT open source license with hopes to share the 'common denominator' code, while reaping the reward of collective development.

Per Joe Brinkman, the contest aims to help us as a community explore the bounds of SPA and MVC within DotNetNuke. That in doing so, we'll discover new possibilities as well as challenges. As a veteran ASP.NET web forms developer I believe we might make a well suited test subject for helping others explore a painless paths towards newer frameworks.

For sake of standardizing with the community, and ease of collaboration, we've based the module upon the Visual Studio templates for DNN MVC modules.

From a Front End Development standpoint the module is built upon Bootstrap and designed to integrate appropriately with baseline Bootstrap styles loaded by many DotNetNuke skins. This however does not force the loading of Bootstrap from the active DNN skin.

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