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Next release 0.03

  • run several instance of VS on the same page
  • Decay, automatic floculation on vertex and box @cybunk
  • Destroy the token after strata states @cybunk
  • set token texture with javascript image object and not url @cybunk
  • clean all array without cleanning function @cybunk
  • shape square @cybunk
  • have adaptated scale legend @cybunk

  • myvis.selectStrata('category',1) //{return {function:function(){},length:n,name:"strata1",}}

  • strata.set(function:function(){})
  • strata.set(name:"")
  • strata without function(){} = user driven (change position)
  • strata alignement @romsson

  • Piechart stratas update area after flocculation @romsson

  • Bubblechart stratas update area after flocculation @romsson
  • Piechart aggregation update area after flocculation @romsson
  • Bubble chart aggregation update after flocculation @romsson
  • Smooth refresh of physical world (IMPORTANT) @romsson
  • Verify layout consistency with parameters (IMPORTANT) sedimentation.aggregation.height @romsson
  • pause the visualization @sam @romsson
  • export into svg @cybunk