awesome open list of pointers about open science for software and computational science
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Awesome open science for software and computational science

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awesome-open-science-software lists resources about open science and software:

  • software as main experimental tool (aka computational methods)
  • software as main study object (software engineering, programming language, systems software, ...).
  • software support for open science (communication, data sharing, etc)

Software as Experimental Tool

Reference documents (edit to add one):

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Artifact review and evaluations (edit to add one):

Papers (edit to add one):

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Software as Study Subject

Software data curation and preservation (edit to add one):

  • The Software Heritage project collects and preserves software. The project motivation is that "software embodies our technical and scientific knowledge and humanity cannot afford the risk of losing it." (project lead by Roberto Di Cosmo).
  • Software Engineering Community - Zenodo The long-term data archival platform Zenodo (supported by CERN) is perfectly appropriate for software engineering datasets and benchmarks (up to 4GB). There is a group "Empirical Software Engineering and Mining Software Repositories" for SE/PL data (curated by Martin Monperrus).


Software Support for Open Science

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  • dokieli is a client-side editor for decentralised article publishing, annotations and social interactions for science. Its source code is open source under the the Apache License, Version 2.0. Maintained by Sarven Capadisli (Github) et al.