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INSPIRE Validation Community

This space is used for discussions and announcements around INSPIRE validation & conformity testing. Before reporting a problem or making a pull request, please read the contribution guidelines. Also, please follow our Code of Conduct anytime when you interact with the INSPIRE community in this space.

Use the Issue tracker to report a problem with the INSPIRE Reference Validator or test results. The status of the solutions to all the issues currently open in the Issue tracker can be checked on the project board.

Use the Discussions tab to start a discussion, raise a question or propose a new feature or an improvement on the INSPIRE Reference Validator, choosing the appropriate category.

Please note that the Issue tracker and the Discussions tab should not be used to report generic issues with INSPIRE implementation (for these, please use the generic INSPIRE helpdesk), but only to report problems of the INSPIRE Reference Validator (i.e. tests that are/might not be currently implemented or issues to the web application) and to collect improvement proposals.

Please check the changelog of the current and past releases and the release planning strategy for the plan of future releases of the INSPIRE Reference Validator.