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by INTER-Mediator Directive Committee (

This is the root of the INTER-Mediator source repository.

INTER-Mediator is new style web application framework. You can develop easily, and realize your ideals. You just describe table and field names in any HTML elements, and these are bond to database, showing values moreover automatically update with editing. If you want to implement more complex logic, you can write programs both client and server sides.

All information can be available at:

Sample pages within this repository are published at below, and anyone can see sample pages working with database. You don't have to deploy the samples if you just want to see this at a glance. This demo page works on INTER-Mediator Ver.5.x (Stable version).

The demo with INTER-Mediator Ver.7 is as below. After Ver.6, the head of repository is just under construction. If you have any question about deploying with your applications, ask to INTER-Mediator committers.



  • Masayuki Nii
  • Atsushi Matsuo
  • Kiyonori Ito
  • Kentaro Suzuki
  • Nobuo Hayashi
  • Kazuaki Osawa
  • Hiroko Oki
  • Tomomitsu Baba
  • Motofumi Iijima

Special Thanks to:

  • Candy
  • Katsunori Eda
  • Naomi Hamaji
  • Yukihiko Kobayashi
  • Akinori Mizoguchi
  • Hiromi Morita
  • Yukio Murakami
  • Kenzo Nakata
  • Shin Ninagawa
  • Osamu Noda
  • Tomoyuki Sugihara
  • Hiroyasu Tanaka
  • Takanori Taniguchi
  • Kozue Uriu
  • Kenji Utsumi
  • Takayoshi Wada
  • Tsutomu Yuasa

Driven by INTER-Mediator Directive Committee

  • Masayuki Nii
  • Atsushi Matsuo
  • Nobuo Hayashi
  • Motofumi Iijima
  • Miyuki Imaizumi

The information about INTER-Mediator Directive Committee is below:


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