Direction in the First Half of 2015

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Ready to Deployment



  • AJAX通信の非同期化(Ver.6への目標)
  • INTER-Mediator本体のCSP(Content Security Policy)対応
  • 書式を指定して表示する手法の改良、およびその編集結果の更新処理の適正化
  • 有償オンラインコースの改定(Ver.5.0ベース)


  • オープンソースを基調とした継続的な開発
  • 勉強会やもくもく会などのコミュニティ活動を通じた普及活動
  • Webサイトを中心とした、開発者向けコンテンツの充実

2015年1月22日 INTER-Mediator Directive Committee

Direction of INTER-Mediator - the First Half of 2015

The latest release was Ver.4.6 and it was the last one of 2014. We think INTER-Mediator has already accomplished to develop workable web applications; i.e., INTER-Mediator has not only the fundamental functions but also the useful ones for web application. Nowadays, INTER-Mediator is "Ready to Deployment" and enough to be practical.

We are going to do the next action plans in the next half year.

  • Asynchronize the communication between client and server. (for Ver.6)
  • Confirm to the CSP (Content Security Policy).
  • Improve the architecture of formatted value, and fix the but in updating the formatted value.
  • Revise the paid online course.

Moreover, we are intend to enhance the value of INTER-Mediator and continue to the following activities.

  • Continuously develop with the Open Source method.
  • Promote with the study meeting and community activities.
  • Improve the contents for developers mainly on the web site.

Jan 22, 2015 INTER-Mediator Directive Committee

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