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A taxonomy for the documentation and exchange of data between Dark Web and Cryptocurrencies tools for LEAs
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Dark Web and Crytocurrency Taxonomies

This directory contains taxonomies covering common types of entities found in Dark Web and Cryptocurrency Ecosystems, as well as abusive, possibly criminal behaviors found in real-world investigations.

Concept definitions follow the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS).

For readability, and low-barrier bootsprapping, all taxonomies follow the YAML format proposed by SKOUT.

How to run the Website locally

Checkout this git repository to your local machine

git clone
cd DW-CC-Taxonomy

Make sure you have Jekyll installed

gem install bundler jekyll

Run Jekyll locally

bundle exec jekyll serve --baseurl '' --watch

Access the taxonomy website locallly using your browser

How to convert from YAML to a defined SKOS serialization format

Make sure SKOUT is installed

~/.mix/escripts/skout entity_taxonomy.yaml entity_taxonomy.ttl


Should you wish to contribute to this project, please review our Contributor's page

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