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IntISP Web Hosting Platform


IntISP is a hosting control panel that is designed to be light and fast. It uses only PHP and HTML with a few shell. IntISP only takes 1 GB approximately to run. It is recommended to run on Ubuntu 18+, Ubuntu 17+, Lubuntu. Debian requires a manual installation which is for advanced users.


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Security Fixes

  • Changed Installation
  • Fixed lots of bugs
  • Using new Structure for code
  • Added Ioncube support for encrypted PHP Scripts.
  • Added WHMCS
  • Switched File Manager to Net2ftp
  • Fixed Cant send email bug
  • Removed Installer
  • New Features Coming Soon

New Features

  • Cron Jobs
  • New Control Panel Themes
  • PHP.ini editor from inside the control panel
  • User Spy
  • Adaclare FileTranaferCluster FTC technology
  • Ability to Terminate User Services

Recommendations (Will be installed automatically)

  1. Apache2 Web Services for Basic Web Services
  2. Python 2 & 3 + PIP for integrated FTP
  3. PHP 7+ for lastest security and php features


To install IntISP all you have to type is:

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install git make && git clone && cd INTisp && sudo make

Installation of demo

You will need to copy the demo folder to the root of your server and follow the directions.

What people are saying about IntISP/Webister?

It is worth noting that Webister is a control panel for hosting fairly new so surely has much to improve and that will have in the near future new features, which is why it is recommended to be used in testing environments and then Give you the opportunity in production environments.

It seems quite easy to use ... being that's what I need. I get lost in the Cpanel. But being the most used ... I learned a little to use it. I have an open mind and I like to learn new things ... so I would like to learn Webister. a greeting

From here.


Thank you for deciding to choose IntISP. Feel free to leave issues and make pull requests.


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