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Pulse SDK 2.x sample integration for Android

This project demonstrates a simple video player that requests and shows ads using the Pulse SDK.

This project is a sample intended only to give a brief introduction to the Pulse SDK and help developers get started with their Android integration.

This is absolutely not intended to be used in production or to outline best practices, but rather a simplified way of developing your integration.


  1. Download the Android Pulse SDK here.

  2. Copy the SDK files to the libs folder.

  3. Open the build.gradle file in android studio.

  4. Update the dependencies in build.gradle to match the version of your downloaded SDK.

  5. Build

Project structure

The Pulse SDK is initialised in the PulseManager.

A List Activity shows a list of available videos, along with some metadata. When a video is selected it is opened in a VideoPlayerActivity.

The VideoPlayerActivity creates an instance of PulseSession using the Pulse class. This PulseSession informs the PulseManager through the PulseSessionListener protocol when it is time to play ads or the content.

Demo Pulse account

This integration sample uses the following Pulse account:

This account is configured with a set of ad campaigns that help with testing an application that integrates with Pulse.

You may use this account in the testing of your application. Refer to the content library used in this sample for useful tags and categories.

Useful information

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