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Configuration files required to deploy IOHanalyzer for multiple users
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Deploy IOHanalyzer through ShinyProxy and docker

This example is similar to the example 'standalone ShinyProxy with a docker engine', with one exception: ShinyProxy runs in a container itself, in the same container manager (i.e. docker engine) that also hosts the containers for the users' Shiny apps.


The only requirement is a working docker system. Please consult the docker official documentation to see how to install docker on your server platform:

How to deploy IOHanalyzer over the server

  1. On the server you would like to deploy IOHanalyzer, please download or clone this repository:
git clone
  1. enter the folder
cd IOHanalyzer-docker
  1. Create a docker network that ShinyProxy will use to communicate with the Shiny containers.
sudo docker network create ioh-net
  1. Run the following command to build the ShinyProxy image:
sudo docker build . -t iohanalyzer
  1. Run the following command to launch the ShinyProxy container:
sudo docker run -d -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --net ioh-net -p 80:8080 iohanalyzer

Notes on the configuration

  • ShinyProxy will listen for HTTP traffic on port 8080 while it will be rediect to 80 by the container.
  • The custom bridge network ioh-net is needed to allow the containers to access each other using the container ID as hostname.
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