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IONOS is a fair, usable and sustainable ecosystem within the cryptocurrency community. IOX coin will also be used for fees in transactions for using the private smart contracts in the IONOS blockchain. IOX is powered backed by Zerocoin Protocol which gives the option to make transactions untraceable and private, allowing complete privacy on the blockchain.

  • 30 second block time
  • Mass scalable payments
  • Zerocoin protocol
  • Masternode/Staking powered

Coin Specs

Block Time30 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Total Supply 10,354,937,900
Block maturity60 minutes
Masternode collateral1,000,000

PoS Rewards Breakdown

PhaseBlock HeightRewardMasternodeStaking
Phase 1201-50000100 IOX80% (80 IOX)20%
Phase 250001-20000015000 IOX80% (12000 IOX)20%
Phase 3200001-50000012000 IOX80% (9600 IOX)20%
Phase 4500001-90000010000 IOX80% (8000 IOX)20%
Phase 5900001-10000005000 IOX80% (4000 IOX)20%
Phase X2000001-Infinite100 IOX80% (80 IOX)20%