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International Organisation of Software Developers

India's Leading Open Source development based student run Organisation.

Pinned repositories

  1. A project of IOSD Summer of Code 2019, a machine learning framework (python library) with basic support for ML algorithms

    Python 8 28

  2. Algorithms required for Competitive Programming

    C++ 65 139

  3. A project for IOSD Summer of Code 2019, a web application to create a CV by filling the corresponding information in the suitable template that would be selected by the user among various available…

    8 5

  4. A project for IOSD Summer of Code 2019, a project recommendation system

    JavaScript 7 6

  5. This repository for IOSD HacktoberFest 2020

    Jupyter Notebook 18 353

  6. A flutter project to store and show the data of the team members of the IOSD-MAIT and all other flutter developers who contribute to this project. All the developers are welcome for their contribut…

    Dart 5 16


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