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IP Geolocation API Javascript SDK


IPGeolocation API is the solution to identify country code (ISO2 and ISO3 standard), country name, continent code, continent name, country capital, state/province, district, city, zip code, latitude and longitude of city, is country belongs to Europian Union, calling code, top level domain (TLD), languages, country flag, internet service provider (ISP), connection type, organization, geoname ID, currency code, currency name, time zone ID, time zone offset, current time in the time zone, is time zone in daylight saving time, and total daylight savings. This document provides important information to help you get up to speed with IPGeolocation API using IP Geolocation API Javascript SDK.

Developers can use this Javascript SDK for software and web projects related to, but not limited to:

  1. Display native language and currency
  2. Redirect based on the country
  3. Digital rights management
  4. Web log stats and analysis
  5. Auto-selection of country, state/province and city on forms
  6. Filter access from countries you do not do business with
  7. Geo-targeting for increased sales and click-through

Quick Start Guide

You need a valid 'IPGeolocation API key' to use this SDK. Sign up here and get your free API key if you don't have one.

Note: Complete documentation to use this SDK is also available at IP Geolocation API JavaScript SDK Documentation.

System Requirements

Internet connection is required to run this component.



$ npm install ip-geolocation-api-javascript-sdk


Use the following URL to visit documentation

Basic Usage

Setup API

var IPGeolocationAPI = require('ip-geolocation-api-javascript-sdk');

// Create IPGeolocationAPI object. Constructor takes two parameters.
// 1) API key (Optional: To authenticate your requests through "Request Origin", you can skip it.)
// 2) Async (Optional: It is used to toggle "async" mode in the requests. By default, it is true.)
var ipgeolocationApi = new IPGeolocationAPI("YOUR_API_KEY", false); 

Geolocation Lookup

// Function to handle response from IP Geolocation API
function handleResponse(json) {

var GeolocationParams = require('ip-geolocation-api-javascript-sdk/GeolocationParams.js');

// Get complete geolocation for the calling machine's IP address

// Get complete geolocation in Russian** for IP address (
var geolocationParams = new GeolocationParams();

ipgeolocationApi.getGeolocation(handleResponse, geolocationParams);

// Get custom geolocation (only "geo, time_zone and currency" fields/objects) for an IP address (
var geolocationParams = new GeolocationParams();

ipgeolocationApi.getGeolocation(handleResponse, geolocationParams);

// Exclude fields/obejects from complete geolocation in Italian language
var geolocationParams = new GeolocationParams();

ipgeolocationApi.getGeolocation(handleResponse, geolocationParams);

Bulk Geolocations Lookup

// Query geolocation in German** for multiple IP addresses and all fields
var geolocationParams = new GeolocationParams();
geolocationParams.setIPAddresses(['', '', '']);

ipgeolocationApi.getGeolocation(handleResponse, geolocationParams);

// Specify the required fields/objects for multiple IP addresses
var geolocationParams = new GeolocationParams();
geolocationParams.setIPAddresses(['', '', '']);

ipgeolocationApi.getGeolocation(geolocationParams, geoResponse);

Timezone API

var TimezoneParams = require('ip-geolocation-api-javascript-sdk/TimezoneParams.js');

// Get time zone information by time zone ID
var timezoneParams = new TimezoneParams();

ipgeolocationApi.getTimezone(handleResponse, timezoneParams);

// Get time zone information by latitude and longitude of the location
var timezoneParams = new TimezoneParams();
timezoneParams.setCoordinates('37.1838139', '-123.8105225');

ipgeolocationApi.getTimezone(handleResponse, timezoneParams);

// Get time zone information for IP address ( and geolocation information Japanese**
var timezoneParams = new TimezoneParams();

ipgeolocationApi.getTimezone(handleResponse, timezoneParams);

// Query time zone information for calling machine's IP address

UserAgent API

// Get user agent information for single user agent string
ipgeolocationApi.getUserAgent(handleResponse, "AppleTV6,2/11.1");

// Get user agents information in bulk by providing array of user agent strings
const uaStrings = ["AppleTV6,2/11.1", "Roku4640X/DVP-7.70 (297.70E04154A)", "Mozilla/5.0 (Nintendo 3DS; U; ; en) Version/1.7412.EU"];
ipgeolocationApi.getBulkUserAgent(handleResponse, uaStrings);

** IPGeolocation provides geolocation information in the following languages:

  • English (en)
  • German (de)
  • Russian (ru)
  • Japanese (ja)
  • French (fr)
  • Chinese Simplified (cn)
  • Spanish (es)
  • Czech (cs)
  • Italian (it)

By default, geolocation information is returned in English. Response in a language other than English is available to paid users only.