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The main R package for the EMU Speech Database Management System (EMU-SDMS)
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emuR - Main package of the EMU Speech Database Management System

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The emuR package provides the next iteration of the EMU Speech Database Management System (EMU-SDMS) with database management, data extraction, data preparation and data visualization facilities. It also contains a server that is intended to host databases in the emuDB format (see vignette('emuDB_intro')) to the EMU-webApp ( The querying of annotations is performed using EMU's own EQL2 (EMU Query Language Version 2).

This package is part of the next iteration of the EMU Speech Database Management System which aims to be as close to an all-in-one solution for generating, manipulating, querying, analyzing and managing speech databases as possible. For an overview of the system please see and/or .



As this also installs all of the dependencies (incl. the wrassp package) this is the only installation step necessary to install the EMU-SDMS on your system. The only other requirement of the EMU-SDMS is a modern web browser (Chrome (recommended!) / Firefox / ...) which most people should already have on their systems.

Quick start

For more information see the The EMU-SDMS Manual

For Developers / Beta-Testers

Installation (two alternative methods)

  • either download & extract the package from GitHub. Then install it with the following command:
install.packages("path/to/emuR", repos = NULL, type="source")
  • or install the latest development version from GitHub (preferred method):
install_github("IPS-LMU/emuR", build_vignettes = TRUE)
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