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If you are NOT familiar with IPSO Objects you should probably check the IPSO README

Smart Objects

IPSO Smart Object Guidelines provide a common design pattern, an object model, that can effectively use the IETF CoAP protocol to provide high level interoperability between Smart Object devices and connected software applications on other devices and services.

This object set is intended to be used as a starting place from which to build more as needed Some of the objects are generic in nature, such as voltage, altitude or percentage, while others are more specialized like the Color Object or the Gyrometer Object. Actuators and Controllers are defined such as timer or buzzer and Joystick and Level. All of these objects were found to be necessary on a variety of use case domains.

Object Object ID
Digital Input 3200
Digital Output 3201
Analogue Input 3202
Analogue Output 3203
Generic Sensor 3300
Illuminance Sensor 3301
Presence sensor 3302
Temperature Sensor 3303
Humidity Sensor 3304
Power Measurement 3305
Actuation 3306
Set Point 3308
Load Control 3310
Light Control 3311
Power Control 3312
Accelerometer 3313
Magnetometer 3314
Barometer 3315
Voltage 3316
Current 3317
Frequency 3318
Depth 3319
Percentage 3320
Altitude 3321
Load 3322
Pressure 3323
Loudness 3324
Concentration 3325
Acidity 3326
Conductivity 3327
Power 3328
Power Factor 3329
Distance 3330
Energy 3331
Direction 3332
Time 3333
Gyrometer 3334
Color 3335
GPS Location 3336
Positioner 3337
Buzzer 3338
Audio Clip 3339
Timer 3340
Addressable Text Display 3341
On/Off Switch 3342
Dimmer 3343
Up/Down Control 3344
Multiple Axis Joystick 3345
Rate 3346
Push Button 3347
Multi-state Selector 3348
Bitmap 3349
Stopwatch 3350

Below there is the set of Resources that can be used as building blocks for your Objects.

Resource Resource ID Operations Type
Digital Input State 5500 R Boolean
Digital Input Counter 5501 R Integer
Digital Input Polarity 5502 R,W Boolean
Digital Input Debounce 5503 R,W Integer
Digital Input Edge Selection 5504 R,W Integer
Digital Input Counter Reset 5505 E
Current Time 5506 R,W Time
Fractional Time 5507 R,W Float
Min X Value 5508 R Float
Max X Value 5509 R Float
Min Y Value 5510 R Float
Max Y Value 5511 R Float
Min Z Value 5512 R Float
Max Z Value 5513 R Float
Latitude 5514 R String
Longitude 5515 R String
Uncertainty 5516 R String
Velocity 5517 R Opaque
Timestamp 5518 R Time
Min Limit 5519 R Float
Max Limit 5520 R Float
Delay Duration 5521 R,W Float
Clip 5522 R,W Opaque
Trigger 5523 E
Duration 5524 R,W Float
Minimum Off-time 5525 R,W Float
Mode 5526 R,W Integer
Text 5527 R,W String
X Coordinate 5528 R,W Integer
Y Coordinate 5529 R,W Integer
Clear Display 5530 E
Contrast 5531 R,W Float
Increase Input State 5532 R Boolean
Decrease Input State 5533 R Boolean
Counter 5534 R,W Integer
Current Position 5536 R,W Float
Transition Time 5537 R,W Float
Remaining Time 5538 R Float
Up Counter 5541 R,W Integer
Down Counter 5542 R,W Integer
Digital State 5543 R Boolean
Cumulative Time 5544 R,W Float
Max X Coordinate 5545 R Integer
Max Y Coordinate 5546 R Integer
Multi-state Input 5547 R Integer
Level 5548 R,W Float
Digital Output State 5550 R,W Boolean
Digital Output Polarity 5551 R,W Boolean
Analog Input State 5600 R Float
Min Measured Value 5601 R Float
Max Measured Value 5602 R Float
Min Range Value 5603 R Float
Max Range Value 5604 R Float
Reset Min and Max Measured Values 5605 E
Analog Output Current Value 5650 R,W Float
Sensor Value 5700 R Float
Sensor Units 5701 R String
X Value 5702 R Float
Y Value 5703 R Float
Z Value 5704 R Float
Compass Direction 5705 R Float
Colour 5706 R,W String
Application Type 5750 R,W String
Sensor Type 5751 R String
Instantaneous active power 5800 R Float
Min Measured active power 5801 R Float
Max Measured active power 5802 R Float
Min Range active power 5803 R Float
Max Range active power 5804 R Float
Cumulative active power 5805 R Float
Active Power Calibration 5806 W Float
Instantaneous reactive power 5810 R Float
Min Measured reactive power 5811 R Float
Max Measured reactive power 5812 R Float
Min Range reactive power 5813 R Float
Max Range reactive power 5814 R Float
Cumulative reactive power 5815 R Float
Reactive Power Calibration 5816 W Float
Power Factor 5820 R Float
Current Calibration 5821 R,W Float
Reset Cumulative energy 5822 E
Event Identifier 5823 R,W String
Start Time 5824 R,W Float
Duration In Min 5825 R,W Float
Criticality Level 5826 R,W Integer
Avg Load Adj Pct 5827 R,W String
Duty Cycle 5828 R,W Integer
On/Off 5850 R,W Boolean
Dimmer 5851 R,W Integer
On Time 5852 R,W Integer
Muti-state Output 5853 R,W String
Off Time 5854 R,W Integer
Set Point Value 5900 R,W Float
Busy to Clear delay 5903 R,W Integer
Clear to Busy delay 5904 R,W Integer
Bitmap Input 5910 R Integer
Bitmap Input Reset 5911 E
Element Description 5912 R,W String
UUID 5913 R,W String

NB: Please use the issue tracker if you find any mistakes on the content.

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