An SDK for interacting with the IP Street API in Python
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A Python Wrapper for the IP Street API

IP Street is a patent data and analytics API service. It enables users to integrate patent data and analytical algorithms into their applications without the need to build or manage the significant infrastrucutre required to do so well.



pip install IPStreet

Instantiate a Client

client = client.Client(apikey=apikey, api_version=api_version)

Instantiate a Query

query = query.PatentData()

Add Parameters to your Query

query.add_owner('Tesla Motors')

Send your Query with the Client

results = client.send(query)

Best Practices

Break large queries into smaller queries and write the to disk as they complete. If you query response is too large, your local device will run out of memory causing a parsing error. The definition of "large queries" in this context is dependant on you local machines memory availability.