automatic troubleshooting of BGP fabric with Cumulus NetQ and Ansible
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Automatic troubleshooting of a BGP fabric with Cumulus NetQ and Ansible

  • Cumulus NetQ - NetQ, is a telemetry-based fabric validation system that ensures the network is behaving as it was intended to. It allows you to test, validate and troubleshoot using advanced fabric-wide telemetry and Cumulus Linux.

  • Cumulus Linux - Cumulus Linux is a powerful open network operating system that allows you to automate, customize and scale using web-scale principles like the world's largest data centers.

  • Ansible - Ansible delivers simple IT automation that ends repetitive tasks and frees up DevOps teams for more strategic work.

Explanation of Files:

  • ansible.cfg - Ansible configuration file
  • hosts - Ansible Hosts file (inventory)
  • autonetq.yml - Ansible playbook file, run with ansible-playbook autonetq.yml