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Transit Gateway Demo

This repo has multiple branches, each with it's own set of features. They'll be branches for any-to-any Transit Gateway deployments. Meaning a full-mesh of VPC connections. In this design, the internet exit point is through the Core VPC but the VPCs are free to speak directly to each other. There's branches for hub-and-spoke type deployments where all traffic flows through the transit (Core) VPC and no traffic between spokes (stubs) is allowed. As well as other type of deployments such as security-domain segmentation (not built yet). These are only models and more thought is needed for production ready deployments.


For the below deployment, where the Transit Gateway acts as a core router and any VPC can talk to any other VPC through the gateway, click here.

Any-to-Any Diagram

Any to Any Transit Gateway Diagram

Hub-and-Spoke Deployment

In this deployment, all the Core VPC is the exit point for all VPCs as well, though the spoke (stub) VPCs cannot speak to each other. They are isolated and only traffic from Core to Spoke is allowed or routed. For that code click here.

The diagrams are very similar as the architecture overall is relatively the same, it's only the logical routing design that changes. Follow the purple lines connected at the stub VPCs heading to the Core VPC for traffic flow.

Hub-and-Spoke Diagram

Hub and Spoke Transit Gateway Diagram

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