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Bash script which prints out a much more detailed (yet still easy to read) "Last login" message. Uses no outside dependencies other than 'last' (should already be installed on most Linux systems).
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This is the traditional "Last login:" message on steroids!

Parses the output from last and displays the following data:

  • The date and host of your last login that is now closed (alternatively, a notice if this is your first time logging in)
  • The list of all sessions that are still logged in

The library also includes the ability to print the host names in a more "friendly" format; instead of printing out something non-descriptive like Last login from, you can adjust the script to print Last login from work instead. See friendly-hostnames for more details.

The script ignores all non-remote connections, and only displays the last connections via ssh (or whatever other types of connections that are logged to /var/log/wtmp, such as getty/login and ftpd). Connections such as ssh localhost will show up in the history, while opening up a terminal window on the machine will not.

All of these features should make spotting "unwanted" connections much easier.

Example output:

Let's connect to this computer, then disconnect again immediately:

$ ssh localhost
[localhost] Welcome to Ubuntu 13.10 (GNU/Linux 3.11.0-23-generic i686)
[localhost] $ exit
$ last-login
Last logged in 3 seconds ago from this computer

In this case, it looks like I forgot to log out of my SSH session at work:

$ last-login
Last logged in 3 hours ago from home
You are still logged in on the following machines:
  * Logged in 2 hours ago from work on pts/17

Uh oh, I don't recognize that host name; looks like some "malicious user" logged into my server without my knowledge. Better change my password!

$ last-login
Last logged in 3 days ago from 172.56.2x.yz
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