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@djbrooke djbrooke released this Feb 20, 2019

This release adds OAI-ORE and BagIT for archival submissions (development led by the Qualitative Data Repository), additional custom homepage options, custom analytics, and file hierarchy support for zip files.

For the complete list of issues, see the 4.11 milestone in Github.

For help with upgrading, installing, or general questions please post to the Dataverse Google Group or email


If this is a new installation, please see our Installation Guide.


  1. Undeploy the previous version.
  • <glassfish install path>/glassfish4/bin/asadmin list-applications
  • <glassfish install path>/glassfish4/bin/asadmin undeploy dataverse
  1. Stop glassfish and remove the generated directory, start
  • service glassfish stop
  • remove the generated directory: rm -rf <glassfish install path>glassfish4/glassfish/domains/domain1/generated
  • service glassfish start
  1. Install and configure Solr v7.3.1

  2. Deploy this version.

  • <glassfish install path>/glassfish4/bin/asadmin deploy <path>dataverse-4.11.war
  1. Run db update script
psql -U <db user> -d <db name> -f upgrade_v4.10.1_to_v4.11.sql
  1. Restart glassfish

  2. Index all metadata

curl http://localhost:8080/api/admin/index
  1. If you have Google Analytics or Piwik analytics configured, remove the deprecated :GoogleAnalyticsCode, :PiwikAnalyticsId, :PiwikAnalyticsHost, :PiwikAnalyticsTrackerFileName settings, and use :WebAnalyticsCode. The new setting works like the custom HTML files for branding, which allows for more control of your analytics, making it easier to customize what you prefer to track. See Web Analytics Code in the Guides for more details.

A note on upgrading from older versions:

If you are upgrading from v4.x, you must upgrade to each intermediate version before installing this version with the exception of db updates as noted.

We now offer an EXPERIMENTAL database upgrade method allowing users to skip over a number of releases. E.g., it should be possible now to upgrade a Dataverse database from v4.8.6 directly to the current release, without having to deploy the war files for the 5 releases between these 2 versions and manually running the corresponding database upgrade scripts.

The upgrade script, is provided in the scripts/database directory of the Dataverse source tree. See the file README_upgrade_across_versions.txt for the instructions.

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