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@djbrooke djbrooke released this Apr 1, 2019 · 181 commits to master since this release

This release adds User Management APIs, the ability to edit the hierarchy of files in a dataset, backend support for Make Data Count, and guidance on best practices for making datasets appear in search engines.

For the complete list of issues, see the 4.12 milestone in Github.

For help with upgrading, installing, or general questions please post to the Dataverse Google Group or email


If this is a new installation, please see our Installation Guide.


  1. Undeploy the previous version.
  • <glassfish install path>/glassfish4/bin/asadmin list-applications
  • <glassfish install path>/glassfish4/bin/asadmin undeploy dataverse
  1. Stop glassfish and remove the generated directory, start
  • service glassfish stop
  • remove the generated directory: rm -rf <glassfish install path>glassfish4/glassfish/domains/domain1/generated
  • service glassfish start
  1. Upgrade your version of PostgreSQL to at least 9.3. Version 9.6 is recommended.

  2. Deploy this version.

  • <glassfish install path>/glassfish4/bin/asadmin deploy <path>dataverse-4.12.war
  1. Restart glassfish

  2. Replace Solr schema.xml
    -stop solr instance (service solr stop, depending on solr installation/OS, see
    -replace schema.xml

cp /tmp/dvinstall/schema.xml /usr/local/solr/solr-7.3.0/server/solr/collection1/conf
-start solr instance (service solr start, depending on solr/OS)
  1. Kick off in place reindex
curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8080/api/admin/index/timestamps
curl http://localhost:8080/api/admin/index/continue
  1. If you are using Web Analytics, please review your "analytics-code.html" fragment (described in Installation Guide > Configuration > Web Analytics Code), and see if any of the script lines contain an empty "async" attribute. In the documentation provided by Google, its value is left blank
    (as in <script async src="...">). It must be set to "async" explicitly (for example, <script async="async" src="...">), otherwise it may cause problems with some pages/browsers.

A note on folder names:

In this release users are given an option to edit the folder names in the file metadata. Strict validation rules for the folder names are also introduced. Only the following characters are allowed: the alphanumerics, '_', '-', '.' and ' ' (white space). Some datafiles in your Dataverse may already have folder names saved in the database (if they were extracted from uploaded zip archives with folder structure). The following sanitizing rules will be applied to all the existing folder names in the database: any invalid characters will be replaced by the '.' character. Any sequences of dots will be further replaced with a single dot. For example, the folder name data&info/code=@137 will be converted to This update will be automatically applied to the database the first time this release is deployed.

A note on upgrading from older versions:

As of this release, Flyway database migration tool ( has been incorporated into Dataverse. This means that going forward, installers no longer need to apply database update scripts manually. Instead your database is updated automatically the first time the new version of the application is deployed. (Note that there is no database update script to run in the upgrade checklist for this release!)

However, if you are upgrading from a version of Dataverse older than 4.11 it is still the responsibility of the installer to first upgrade the database to v4.11; since Flyway cannot handle versions prior to 4.12.

This can be achieved by manually deploying each intermediate version, between your current version and 4.11, and manually applying the database update sql scripts for the releases that have them.

As an alternative, we offer an EXPERIMENTAL database upgrade method allowing users to skip over a number of releases. E.g., it should be possible now to upgrade a Dataverse database from v4.8.6 directly to v4.12, without having to deploy the war files for the 5 releases between these 2 versions and manually running the corresponding database upgrade scripts.

The upgrade script, is provided in the scripts/database directory of the Dataverse source tree. See the file README_upgrade_across_versions.txt for the instructions.

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