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Convenience methods for using the WorldMap API
from django.utils import timezone
from django.conf import settings
from gc_apps.worldmap_connect.models import JoinTargetInformation
from gc_apps.worldmap_connect.dataverse_layer_services import get_join_targets
from datetime import timedelta
import logging
LOGGER = logging.getLogger('gc_apps.worldmap_connect.utils')
def get_latest_jointarget_information():
Retrieve recent JoinTarget Information from the database.
If recent information is not available in the db, use the WorldMap API and store
the new information in the db.
# ---------------------------------
# (1) Is available JoinTarget info from db
# ---------------------------------
recent_time_window = + timedelta(seconds=(-1 * settings.JOIN_TARGET_UPDATE_TIME))
join_target = JoinTargetInformation.objects.filter(\
if join_target is not None:
return join_target
# ---------------------------------
# (2) Get JoinTarget info from the WorldMap API
# and save it to the database
# ---------------------------------
(success, dict_info_or_err) = get_join_targets()
if success:
join_target = JoinTargetInformation("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"),\
return join_target
# ---------------------------------
# (3) Get JoinTarget info from database --
# even if it's old
# ---------------------------------
join_target = JoinTargetInformation.objects.first()
if join_target is None:
LOGGER.error('No JoinTargetInformation available in the database \
(failed attempt to retrieve it from WorldMap): %s', dict_info_or_err)
return None
LOGGER.error('Failed to retrieve timely JoinTargetInformation from WorldMap\
(used last avaialable from the database): %s', dict_info_or_err)
return join_target
def get_geocode_types_and_join_layers():
Used for the the join layer form.
Return lists of:
- geocode types [(id, description), (id, description)...]
- available layers [(id, description), (id, description)...]
# Retrieve a JoinTarget object
join_target_info = get_latest_jointarget_information()
if join_target_info is None:
LOGGER.error("Could not retrieve join target information")
return (None, None)
return (join_target_info.get_geocode_types(),\
python shell
from gc_apps.worldmap_connect.utils import get_latest_jointarget_information
jt = get_latest_jointarget_information()
from gc_apps.worldmap_connect.dataverse_layer_services import get_join_targets
print get_join_targets()
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