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%% checkfont and iffontsavaiable copied from the metropolis theme
%% by Matthias Vo­gelge­sang.
% Checks if a font is installed; if not, |fontsnotfound| is increased.
\font\x = "#1" at 10pt
% Resets the |fontsnotfound| counter and calls |\checkfont| for each font in
% the comma separated list in the first argument.
\iffontsavailable{Libertinus Serif,%
Libertinus Sans,%
Libertinus Mono}%
\setmainfont{Libertinus Serif}
\setsansfont{Libertinus Sans}
\setmathfont{Libertinus Math}
\setmonofont{Libertinus Mono}
Could not find Libertinus fonts.
Please install them from
following the instructions at