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IRATI is an open source implementation of the RINA architecture targeted to the OS/Linux system, initially developed by the FP7-IRATI project. The following wiki pages provide information on using IRATI and understanding its design:

A public mailing list, is available here: http://www.freelists.org/list/irati. The list is to be used as a means for communication with the IRATI open source development community.

The current implementation is mature enough to allow small/mid scale experimentation (up to 30 systems, with each system having up to 4/5 IPC Processes instantiated), during relatively short periods of time (few hours). We are working on improving the stability and robustness of IRATI in future releases.


librina: See librina/LICENSE for the main license. See librina/LICENSE-protobuf for the protocol buffers license.

linux: See linux/COPYING for the Linux kernel license.

rina-tools: See rina-tools/LICENSE for the license.

rinad: See rinad/LICENSE for the main license. See rinad/LICENSE-protobuf for the protocol buffers license. See rinad/LICENSE-jsoncpp for the jsoncpp license. See rinad/LICENSE-tclap for the TCLAP license.

wireshark: See wireshark/COPYING for the license.