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Releases: IRIS-Solutions-Team/IRIS-Toolbox


26 Oct 08:43
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Bug fixes

  • Fixed #342
  • Fixed the Round option in the Series elements in +rephrase
  • Fixed bug in rephrase.Highlight

New features

  • Add Layout option to chart elements in +rephrase giving access to low-level Plotly option; see plotly.js documentation for details
  • Fixed number of bkw variables reported to user by the Model function systemMatrices
  • Improvements in the application of the PlotSettings options to in Chartpack
  • Improvements in the screen output of the +databank function spy
  • New Series method ascii to visualize time series data as simple ascii charts
  • New time series constructor Series.fromData; this is a formal constructor to create time series from data array
  • Added extra lines to Journal reporting on Explanatory/regress


18 Sep 21:59
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Bug fixes

New features

  • New Series plotting function chartyy for plotting on LHS and RHS axes
  • New behavior added to Chartpack property .Tiles: specify [Inf, n] results in a layout with n columns and as many rows as needed
  • New databank functions databank.toSheet and databank.fromSheet: load and save time series with multiple date frequencies to a single sheet (XLSX or CSV)
  • New dater and Dater functions dater.fromDefaultString and Dater.fromDefaultString: create dates for IrisT default dates strings
  • New option Bands= to rephrase object Series: plot uncertainty bands around mid line
  • New option ExcludeFromObjFunc in Model/kalmanFilter: use the option to list measurement variables to exclude from the objective (likelihood function)
  • New function Explanatory/collectFittedName to list the names of fitted variables
  • New functions dater.fromString and Dater.fromString: convert a strings to dates according to a user specified format/template
  • New option WhenFailed in databank.merge: specify what to do when the method fails to merge a field across some input databanks


18 Aug 15:13
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Changes with minor backward compatibility problems

  • Removed the startup flag numericDates, replaced with numericDailyDates; this startup flag causes the dd function to produce plain numeric representation of daily dates.

New features

  • Modifiable configuration option FreqLetters brought back; the value needs to be a struct with the following fields (one for each frequency) containing a scalar string with the frequency letter: ii, dd, ww, mm, qq, hh, yy.


20 Jul 10:42
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Bug fixes

  • Fix #323 Warning message because of a legacy option name used within a function
  • Fixed bug affecting Model/checkSteady, steadydb and databank.forModel in models with multiple parameter variants
  • Fixed bug in Kalman filter when input databank was empty
  • Fixed incorrect setting of initial conditions in Series/genip

New features

  • Added a new possible value "warning" as the first input argument into databank.merge
  • Improved Model/simulate: accelerated first-order simulations with multiple parameter variants and/or multiple data pages
  • New plotting function Series/bubblechart
  • New function databank.forModel to create steady-state, zero or empty databank for a model object
  • New named matrix class NamedMatrix
  • New option UserFunc= in Model/steady; this option specifies a user function calculating the steady state.
  • New utility visual.radar for plotting radar charts of vectors


07 Jun 08:47
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Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in applying measurement trends in nonlinear simulations in Model/simulate

  • Fixed a number of compatibility issues with Matlab R2018a


06 Jun 12:01
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Bug fixes

  • Error when clicking to expand charts created by databank.Chartpack when no legend existed

New features with backward incompatibility

  • Reimplemented databank.generate; the fourth input argument sourceNames needs to be now structured differently.

  • Added automatic resolution of the "Transform_Function" spec in Series/x13.season; the function is set to "log" whenever the X13 mode auto resolves to "mult".


05 Jun 10:50
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Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in legacy reporting function printmodelfile

New features

  • Enhancements in databank.Chartpack

    • Callback visual.clickToExpand added to all axes created
    • New property .Grid=[true, true] to control the x-grid and y-grid
    • Property .Charts reimplemented to hold the input strings; can be manipulated or reassigned by the user at any time
  • Improvement in Series plotting functions: the output arguments are suppressed if not requested by the caller

  • New option in Series/band

    • ZData=1 to make the mid point line to visually appear above the bands
  • New syntactic sugar m{"___"} for access(m, "___")

  • New options in Series plotting functions to replace position arguments

    • AxesHandle=@gca
    • Range=Inf
  • New Model methods changeGrowthStatus, changeLinearStatus

  • New utility visual.matrix to visualize 2D matrices such as cross-correlation matrices

  • New utility textual.compose


29 May 18:04
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Merge branch 'bleeding' into stable


22 Dec 10:42
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Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs in legacy version

New features

  • Upgraded the input parser in +databank/fromCSV to R2019b+.
  • Enabled dates in +databank/Chartpack to be inherited from Grid to Chart objects.
  • New input arguments in Series/fillMissing; more than one time series can be specified as the method of filling missing observations.


06 Dec 16:04
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Bug fixes

  • Fixed syntax inconsistency affecting legacy versions
  • Fixed bug in ExcelReference; caused a crash in ExcelSheet when reading row-oriented data

New features

  • New specialized method Model/assignFromModel to assign parameters and steady states between two model objects.
  • New option nonstationaryLevel=true in Model/table; control the appearance of s/s levels for nonstationary variables; if false, NaN is displayed instead.
  • New function +mdown/fromTable. Create markdown document from a table object.
  • New queries name-positions and name-types in Model/access. The queries return the positions of the model names in internal data arrays, and the types of names, respectively.
  • New table column in Model/table: "alias" displays the alias text from the model file
  • New option SourceNames= in +databank/toCSV; specify only a subset of series to be saved.
  • New option SourceNames= in +databank/toCSV; specify only a subset of series to be saved.