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This release introduces the following new features:

  • Accelerate the equation-selective nonlinear solver for @Model objects

  • Recalculate Jacobian after each reversal in the QaD solver for @Model objects

  • Implement get(m, 'InitCond') and get(m, 'Required') so that the list of initial conditions includes all variables with lags typed in the model file regardless of parameter values.

  • New option ForceJacobUpdateWhenReversing=true to force the recalculation of the Jacobian each time the QaD solver reverses to a previous iteration

This pre-release fixes the following issues:

  • Fix bug in @TimeSubscriptable/redate(~) (applies to @tseries and @Series objects). The start date in the new series was not preserved as a @DateWrapper object.

  • Fix bug in dbredate(~). The bug caused the function to crash when the input struct contained sub-structs.

  • Fix typo in @Rectangular/calculateShockMultipliers(~). The typo caused @Model/simulate(~) to crash when a @Plan with exogenized variables was specified in nonlinear equation-selective simulations.

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