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Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in databank.merge. The bug caused an unexpected error under certain circumstances when the input databanks have different fields.
  • Fixed #303 in report/band and a bug in Series/errorband.
  • Fixed bug in namedmat/subsref in one-dimensional indexing by numeric or logical arrays/vectors.

New features

  • Renamed the model source file keyword !dtrends to !measurement-trends; the !dtrends remains a valid alternative keyword for bkw compatibility
  • Introduced new model language keywords !substitutions-preprocessor and !substitutions-postprocessor. These substitutions section are automatically added as equations to the pre/postprocessor sections.
  • Added a new method Model/kalmanFilter. The function uses the same backed calculation functions as the existing filter but returns a more consistent set of output arguments.
  • Functions visual.hline, visual.vline and visual.zeroline are now considered obsolete. Use the new Matlab functions yline and xline.
  • Allowed a new value for input argument columns in databank.toArray. When columns=0, all columns are retrieved.
  • Introduced a new time shift specification "tty" in diff, roc, pct, difllog. The new specification means "throughout the year", and the respective calculations are applied in all periods with a -1 lag, expect in the first period of the year where the original observation is used.
  • Created a new static constructor ExcelSheet.fromFile.
  • Added a new method Model/analyticGradients to evaluate and report analytic/symbolic derivatives of model equations wrt model variables.
  • Removed option Rename= from Model/filter. Use the method Model/rename instead before and/or after running filter.
  • Rename Model/stdscale to Model/rescaleStd.
  • Created a new implementation for Series/bands. The legacy function tseries/band (inherited also as Series/band) still works with old date axis resolution.