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Releases: IRLToolkit/obs-websocket-http

obs-websocket-http v1

19 Jan 07:13
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This is version 1 of obs-websocket-http designed for obs-websocket 5.0.0 and above.

See the README for protocol and configuration.

The config.ini file needs to be in your current working directory, not the directory that the binary is in!

Windows Usage

Download obs-websocket-http-v1-Windows.exe and run the file via Command Prompt. You can drag and drop the file onto Command Prompt for it to autofill the path.

macOS Usage

Download obs-websocket-http-v1-macOS, then run chmod +x path/to/obs-websocket-http-v1-macOS. Execute the file in Terminal like ./obs-websocket-http-v1-macOS

Ubuntu Usage

Download obs-websocket-http-v1-Ubuntu then run the file like ./obs-websocket-http-v1-Ubuntu in your favorite terminal emulator.