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ISAcreator 1.7.11

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@djcomlab djcomlab released this 06 Dec 15:21

This release updates to allow running ISAcreator with Java 9.

  • (recommended for all users) - ZIP file containing standalone executable Java .jarto run on all platforms (Windows, Mac OS and Linux) packaged with default configurations. Unzip the file and run with java -jar ISAcreator.jar from the command prompt or terminal.
  • ISAcreator-1.7.11.jar - Standalone Java .jar executable file.
  • ISAcreator-1.7.11-no-dependencies.jar (for developer use only) - Executable Java .jar file, bundled without any dependencies .

Tested on macOS Sierra (10.13.1), Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04. Requires Java 7, 8 or 9 runtime.

ISAcreator comes with the a default configuration (version 2015-07-02). To get the other ISA Configurations, take a look at our Configuration Files repository here: